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Kundalini Yoga Gong Training
Into the Nucleus of Sound
with Jai Kartar Kaur

Friday, 13th January, 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Saturday, 14th January, 9.30am to 5.30pm
Sunday, 15th January, 9am to 3pm

100 deposit required to secure your place

4 Star Residential in Dunany, Co. Louth
Contact Jai Kartar Kaur
087 333 9642

Have you ever had the sense of being pulled into a vortex of sound through gong meditation? The vibration can take you to a realm beyond time and space. It is as if, while meditating on the sound of the gong, your spiritual journey is encapsulated within the sound waves. Your sense of self and connection, your fear and your love, your smallness and limitlessness all abound within the sound.

Many civilizations of the world have used the gong for ceremonies, rituals and inner journeys. The ancient yogis recognized the gong as a Divine agent of expansion and used it as a meditation tool.  Anyone can sense the powerful, multi-dimensional quality of the gong. Its transformational qualities are undeniable.

The gong is a conduit of the Infinite Creative Consciousness; it is the voice of the Divine on the earthly plane. Through its resonance we can heal, gain clarity and insight, resolve our neurosis, remember who we really are and return to our true state of Oneness.

Into the Nucleus of Sound Gong Training provides practical information about using the gong as a device for healing and attunement in Kundalini Yoga. This training will develop your sensitivity and capacity to using as a theraputic vibration, whether you are a yoga teacher who wants to add to your skill set or a practitioner who is passionate about the gong. You will come away with some powerful experiences of gong meditation and kriya, a deeper understanding of the technology of the gong and some practical experience for playing the gong.

Jai Kartar Kaur

Send a nonrefundable €100 deposit to secure your space. Attendance is limited. Post a cheque or postal money order payable to Well Within to the following address:

Jai Kartar Kaur Mohan
Well Within
The Strand Road
Co. Louth

Contact Jai Kartar Kaur. Phone 087 333 9642.

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